Milk Pads - Every Day - Limited Edition's


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Sold as 1 pair (2 pads), regular size in Everyday absorbency. 

Milk Pads are the best reusable breast pads you will find. They are New Zealand made and customer tested.

I have had many customers come back and tell me they have thrown out every other brand they had and are stocking up on Milk Pads.


* If the stock level is showing pre-order, there is typically only 1-2 days delay. As these are made locally we are continuously restocking.

The soft suede cloth sits against the breast and nipple.

It wicks away the milk leaving the breast dry.

The Milk goes through into the thirsty mircofibre layer and lastly you are protected by a layer of leak proof, breathable PUL.  

Milk Pads are very light and thin, making them less noticeable and fast drying.

These pads are great for light to medium flow everyday use.

Once the pad feels heavy it's time to get a clean one.


Every Day Milk Pads

With an outer fabric of Breathable Waterproof PUL - (What modern cloth nappies are made from) you can wash this fabric in cold, warm or hot washes. I highly recommend hot washes, and using a laundry bag. You will get at least 1000 washes before this fabric will show any signs of wear. Because they are so light weight, drying time is super fast!!

I recommend having more than one pair - (just in case!!) 

The absorbent layer is Microfibre , Microfibre is a highly absorbent fabric and light weight!! Lastly you are protected by a layer of super soft Suede cloth. Suede cloth does not absorb liquid but instead wicks it through to the absorbent Microfibre part of the Milk Pad. Because it doesn't absorb moisture this allows your nipple to stay dry and comfortable.

Milk pads are now available in 2 sizes, 3 absorbencies and 4 colours plus Limited Edition Prints.



Washing instructions: 
Tip - To avoid loosing your Milk Pads in the washing machine, put them in a washing bag- (what you put your bras in ).
Regular hot washes are recommended for hygiene reasons. If you’re not doing a load for a while: rinse them and pop them in container with hot water, a tea spoon of baking soda and a tea spoon of white vinegar—dissolved in the hot water ( that will prevent any nasty's growing). Milk Pads can be Washed, Hot, Warm or cold. Use Eco washing products that will sanitize.  Tumble dry is fine. Line dry in the sun is best.  DON NOT BLEACH! Bleaching will destroy the water proof layer.
P.N - A copy of these washing instructions comes with every sale.

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