TEMPORARY CHANGE during the Measles outbreak

We have decided to move to appointment only temporarily.

We have very limited spots available. This is to ensure we have 2 hours between appointments.

We will continue to do group bookings (3+), but please also email or txt 027 256 9047 if booking one, so if we need to make the appointment time a little longer, we can juggle the times to ensure we still have 2 hours down time between appointments. In addition, please put the number of expected shoppers in brackets after your first name.

LATCH Nursing and Maternity Boutique store is at 6E Heritage Close, Rolleston

For full disclosure:

* The boutique is adjoining to a private residence

* The children residing at the residence are fully vaccinated

* We also believe the adults have received 2 vaccines (as babies and again just before the teen years). We do await further information from our GPs to confirm and will get the booster if unsure, we just have to wait our turn.

* The virus can not survive 2 hours outside of of a body. Hence the 2 hour stand down between appointments.

* As our customers are typically those of higher risk (pregnancy, infants and under the ago of 50), we do ask that you hold off coming in if you have any reason to believe you have been in close proximity to an infected person and are not immune.

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Times available are in white. Appointments are preferred, as it is a small space and this allows for easier browsing and no changing room waits.

At the boutique you will:

* have a relaxing shopping experience

* know your toddler/baby is happy and occupied with the fun variety of toys

* know your partner, mother or friend is comfortable with a couch situated in the perfect spot to offer opinions on styles as you try them on (if wanted, otherwise they can be easily distracted with magazines!)

* be in a breastfeeding friendly, nappy changing friendly and all other activities parenting related

LATCH Nursing and Maternity Boutique store is at 6E Heritage Close, Rolleston

Contact Gina on 027 256 9047 or gina@latchwear.co.nz if you have any questions.