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Milk Pads are the best reusable breast pads you will find. They are New Zealand made and customer tested.

I have had many customers come back and tell me they have thrown out every other brand they had and are stocking up on Milk Pads.

How they work:
The first layer of soft Suede cloth wicks the milk  through to the absorbent Microfibre part of the Milk Pad. Because Suede Cloth  doesn't absorb moisture this allows your nipple to stay dry and comfortable. 
The absorbent layer is Microfibre, Microfibre is a highly absorbent fabric and light weight!!  Lastly you are protected by a layer of leak proof PUL- (a breathable fabric that modern cloth nappies are made from).

This pad has an extra absorbency layer of microfibre, it is a little more thicker than the regular Milk Pad.  Most woman find that the regular Milk Pad is fine for their milk leakage but for a few heavy leakers or those whose babies are just starting to sleep through the night you may find the Super Soaker works best for you.  They have been tested by six nursing mothers with leakage issues at nighttime.  The feed back that came back was fabulous.  Mothers were happy to be able to not sleep with a towel on the bed and wake up feeling dry. Please note if you are a side sleeper you may want to position the pad just off to the side you are sleeping on.  

With Milk Pads you can feel rest assured that you are protected !!  With an outer fabric of Breathable Waterproof PUL - (What modern cloth nappies are made from) you can wash this fabric in cold, warm or hot washes. I highly recommend hot washes, and using a laundry bag.  You will get at least hundreds of washes before they start to show signs of wear. Because they are so light weight, drying time is super fast!!
I recommend having more than one pair - (just in case!!)  You can tumble dry,  drying out on the line in sunshine is best. 

You can save lots of money and be kind to  the environment, by using Milk Pads.  

Feedback from the trials

"They are fantastic - so soft and super absorbent. I have been alternating them with another brand and much prefer these ones and am no longer using the other brand. I have not had any leakage issues even when my little one sleeps up to 9 hours during the night. I have even been confident enough to remove the towel from under me when I am wearing these at night. I would highly recommend these pads." - Tash 
"I was very pleasantly surprised with how soft and comfortable the pads were. I've given the pads a good test run at nights and have given them a further try post washing them. Not only did the product remain it's shape but also its original absorbency. I'm very happy to say that the pads were very absorbent and they didn't leak at all. Thanks once again!"
- Natalija


Regular - 10.5cm diamertre

Large - 13cm diametre

I recommend having more than one pair - (just in case!!) 

The absorbent layer is Microfibre , Microfibre is a highly absorbent fabric and light weight!! Lastly you are protected by a layer of super soft Suede cloth. Suede cloth does not absorb liquid but instead wicks it through to the absorbent Microfibre part of the Milk Pad. Because it doesn't absorb moisture this allows your nipple to stay dry and comfortable.

Milk pads are now available in 2 sizes, 3 absorbencies and 4 colours (plus cow print for the Everyday option)

Frequently Asked Questions:

· Do they come in different sizes?

They come in the regular size:  diameter of 10.5cm.  (This gives good coverage of the nipple area and is roughly the same diameter of a disposable breast pad.) 
They also come in Large size: diameter of 13cm. ( This size is great for anyone over DD cup size.)

· Do they come in different colours?

Yes, white is the main colour that mothers like. But I also do a funky Hot Pink, Bright blue, Black and cow print - for fun!  Black pads are black on the outer and black on the inner.

· How many do I need?

It is a good idea to have more than one.  Most people buy five, so if you’ve got some in the wash you have some clean to use.  If you struggle at night with leakage, I would suggest getting either the Super Soaker or the Ultimate Night Pad.

· How much money will I save?

At a cost of around a dollar a pair of disposables you could save hundreds of dollars!!  Well worth the small investment.

· How absorbent are they?

Mircofibre is super thirsty, each regular pad can hold 10mls (roughly a tablespoon) of milk. You will know when to change your pad as it will start to feel heavy. Super Soakers hold around double that amount. For the ultimate absorbency try the Ultimate Night Pad these have a top layer of microfibre and under that is 2 layers of Bamboo Fleece. The fibers of the bamboo fluff up and work the best after the initial 3-4th hot wash.These Milk Pads hold the most amount of milk - (30mls ea pad)!!  - For more info please read the feedback page and product description.

· How many washes will they last for?

The fabric is top quality and has been tested to last for hundreds of washes.

Washing instructions: 
Tip - To avoid loosing your Milk Pads in the washing machine, put them in a washing bag- (what you put your bras in ).
Regular hot washes are recommended for hygiene reasons. If you’re not doing a load for a while: rinse them and pop them in container with hot water, a tea spoon of baking soda and a tea spoon of white vinegar—dissolved in the hot water ( that will prevent any nasty's growing). Milk Pads can be Washed, Hot, Warm or cold. Use Eco washing products that will sanitize.  Tumble dry is fine. Line dry in the sun is best.  DON NOT BLEACH! Bleaching will destroy the water proof layer.
P.N - A copy of these washing instructions comes with every sale.

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