Multi Purpose Cover - Blue Squiggles & Stripes


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I constantly hear how the Multi Purpose Carriers are one of the best purchases they made for baby. Meaning they are also a fantastic idea for a Baby Shower Gift. 

They are multi use as they 

* Are a capsule Cover

* A breastfeeding cover

* A scarf

* A supermarket, or other seat cover


They are made from luxurious soft material (95%rayon cotton, 5%spandex), super stretchy and breathable. 


There are many bonus to these over traditional options. 

When some one wants to peak in at baby in the carrier, they have a restricted entry point, meaning they are not as easily able to get right up in to bubs face, or reach out and touch them. 

Bubs is protected from the weather, with no worries of the blanket being blown off the capsule. 

The gorgeous prints do not look out of place as a scarf and will actually add to your outfit.

They fold up easily to put in your bag.


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