Maia Mum - Reusable Gel Pads - 2 Pack


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Have these ready at home after your discharge (The Instant Cool Padsicles are a great addition to your hospital bag).

That early post birth healing is often not spoken about.

These Gel Pads from Maia Mum, will help!

The cold therapy option gives instant relief (well it certainly did for us at LATCH).

They can be used for relieving perineal pain, haemorrhoids and C-section incisions. 


PLUS once you’re all healed, they can be used as heat/cold packs on any other parts of your body! 


Instructions: Freeze for cold therapy or warm up as per instructions on the box and you're good to go!

What's included: 2 x Reusable Gel Pads + 2 x Super Soft Washable Sleeves (polyester)

Top Tip: Heat therapy can be used for pain relief during labour – particularly in the early stages. Have our gel pads on hand for when you go into labour to help with pain management!

Step 3 in the Maia Mum 4 Step Postpartum Recovery Guide

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