Isabella Fur Lined Hoody - Pink


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Who doesn't need a warm, comfortable and flattering maternity and breastfeeding hoody?

The Isabella is deigned with additional features you will love. 

* Thermal

* In visible zip access

* Side zips to allow extra room for a growing bump and a close for a tailored shape later

The invisible zips on each side of the chest area are easy to use, a good long length and allow you to determine the size of the access you require.  

This is a Breastfeeding Hoodie. 


Sizes XS to 2XL. 

Material: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

Access via vertical seam chest zips.

Brand: LATCH

Size: Typical sizing, XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16, 2XL=18. 





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