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DO you find it hard to work out the correct size?

Here at LATCH we understand that buying clothing online can be frustrating. It is hard to know what size to get and that is before the wonderful world of pregnancy and your ever changing body shape!


Here at LATCH we have developed a number of ways to help with finding the right fit for you.


I will go in to each of these a little further, but the main points are

  • How to fit a growing and constantly changing bump
  • How to find the right size for both maternity and breastfeeding
  • What ‘fit’ are YOU after
  • Real mum models
  • Illustrated patterns with measurements
  • General write up
  • Videos
  • Repetitive model


Typically our styles aim to be generic sizing and it will be noted there if the size has been altered during production.

XS = 8, S = 10, M = 12, L = 14, XL = 16 & 2XL = 18

The complicated part of working out fit is not only working out your size but also your shape. As no two bodies are exactly the same the shape of different designs can mean different sizes may actually fit better.

How to fit a growing and constantly changing bump AND have the same item fit well for breastfeeding

As if buying clothing online isn’t hard enough, buying whilst your body is constantly changing can make it feel almost impossible.

The good news is, it is easier than you think.

When shopping with LATCH you can be assured that the styles are designed specifically for maternity and breastfeeding. That means, they are designed to fit and flatter your fluctuating belly throughout your pregnancy as well as post birth.

To get the right size, the most basic of explanations is to ignore your bump. The clothing is designed to go over it and it will do its job. On the flip side, the most basic ‘no no’ is going up a size just to accommodate your bump.


Real Models

We use real mums, not professional models. We believe this helps to show how the clothing fits on an average body as opposed to the ‘perfect body’. We want you to be comfortable with the fact that these styles are designed with real ladies in mind, they are designed to flatter and feel comfortable.

Every mum is different before, during and post pregnancy, we all have aspects of our bodies that we prefer to show off or to hide. Our photos are never edited beyond lighting and the clothing is also not pinned, folded or sitting in any way that does not truly reflect its shape and size.


Illustrated patterns with measurements

This is a newer addition to our fit system. This is worked out by laying the clothing flat on the ground and taking the measurements. The idea of this method is so that you can find a piece of clothing in your current wardrobe that you like the fit of, lay it flat and compare the measurements. It is best to use an item from your wardrobe with the same or similar material composition.

This also allows you to see the variation in measurements that can be found within a particular size. All styles and sizes are individually done, so it is worth noting and having handy the measurements of your garment as you go through the different styles. 

Please note, as this is a manual process you have to allow for a small margin of error in the measuring as well as the possibility of small changes within production. 

This is a new method of measuring, that we believe is better suited to a time in your life when your body can change shape each day. We invite any feedback on this new method.


General Write Up

Each listing also includes a general write up on the design. In this guide we cover off some of the basics.

Material, colours, access type, brand etc. Most importantly the fit of the design in more generic sizing terms.

Typically our styles aim to be generic sizing and it will be noted there if the size has been altered during production.

XS = 8, S = 10, M = 12, L = 14, XL = 16 & 2XL = 18



We are aiming to get a short video on every listing, there are a few reasons why we do videos. The first is so you can see that they are not altered, pegged or any other type of manipulation in our photos. Then to show you how the breastfeeding access works and lastly so you can see how the style moves.


Repetitive Model

Gina from LATCH not only features in all of the designs due to ease of being available, but also due to the fact a repetitive model helps to show the difference of fit and designs. Unless otherwise noted she will be wearing the size Small.


If you are still feeling unsure of the size there are a couple of things you can do

  • Visit the Rolleston boutique and actually try the styles on. Check out our boutique page.
  • Use the chat function on the website and let us know the style you are looking at and what you are mostly worried about.
  • Email ( or call (027 256 9047), we are always happy to help.
  • Go ahead and get what you think is right and if it doesn’t quite fit how you hoped then just follow our simple and stress free returns process (you can find all the details on that here).




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