Waterproof Tri-Pillow Cover


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Are you using a tri pillow for breastfeeding? These will fit all standard tri-pillows.

These covers are not only waterproof but also breathable, quick dry and viabrant.

Available in blue, pink, black and white

A quick let down, over supply, reflux or spilly baby can make breastfeeding messy at times. These covers will prtoect your tri pilow and be super comfortable for bubba to relax on.

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"I loved breastfeeding with a tri-pillow, because I am big busted it held baby in just the right position to make it work for us both! But one of the only issues I found was that I went through a lot of pillowcases when baby spilled and some of it soaked through to the pillow.

Now, Latch have solved the problem! Their new tri-pillow breastfeeding cover is made of a breathable, waterproof material that protects the pillow underneath. We tested this and no liquid soaked through the cover, the pillow remained completely dry. This is really handy for unexpected quick let down and over supply, or if baby spills or has reflux.

Stopping liquid getting into the pillow is a real hygiene bonus as this stops the fear of mould growing and being unhealthy for baby.

The cover slips on and off the pillow really easily, which is great as some tri-pillow covers are really hard to actually get onto the pillow! It also fits the pillow very well.

The pillowcase went through the washing machine and came out looking great afterwards. It dried really quickly when hung out on the washing line, and looked brand new again.

We can definitely recommend purchasing one of these tri-pillow breastfeeding covers, they are very practical and they come in such lovely vibrant colours. They allow baby to have a comfy place to feed on the tri-pillow, but also protects the tri-pillow from moisture and liquid."

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