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5 Pair starter packs of Milk Pads + Wet Bag & Laundry bag.

Pack contains = x3 pairs for Everday Regular WHITE Milkpads and x2 pairs of COLOURED Regular super soakers.


* If the stock level is showing pre-order, there is typically only 1-2 days delay. As these are made locally we are continuously restocking.

There is always so much to think about when expecting. We have tried to take some of the extra stress away with these sets. If you are not sure what you need this is the perfect start. With 3 everyday pads, and 2 super soakers for night time (as baby starts to sleep longer periods the extra absorbabncy is great), depending on your let down it may give you enough time to wash a set while the other is in use. The different colours also mean you can easily remember white for day and colour for night. You can add to this pack as and when needed, individual pairs are available ( if you find you need more, or add the Ulitmate Night Pads if you find you need that next step up of absorbancy for night time.

Top layer = soft suede cloth.

Absorbency =

Everyday pads (White pads)

x1 layer of Microfibre Terry

Super Soaker pads (Pink pads)

x2 layers of Microfibre Terry

Outer = breathable, water proof PUL.

The soft suede cloth sits against the breast and nipple. It wicks away the milk leaving the breast dry. The Milk goes through into the thirsty mircofibire layer and lastly you are protected by a layer of leak proof, breathable PUL. Milk Pads are very light and thin, making them less noticeable and fast drying. 

Regular pads are around 10.5cm in diameter (similar to most disposables) and the large are around 13cm 

Milk Pads come with care/washing instructions . 

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