ARIEL 2pc Swimwear


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Maternity swimwear can be hard to find. Not only have you found a thoughtfully designed maternity tankini but you have ALSO found here a breastfeeding friendly design!

Extra length has been added to this top to ensure there is plenty of room for your growing belly. 

The shelf bra has been adjusted to ensure as much support as possible is given. The breastpad is also removeable, so if you find you dont like the shape of the pad, or your breasts are usually too large. it is simple, just remove the pads. There is double layer of material to ensure that the removal of the pads does not cause accidental expsoure!

Do you like to hang at the beach, go on the boat or do any other typical New Zealand summer activities? These togs allow you to easily breastfeed bubs while you are out relaxing at the waters edge. It is a simple clip like most nursing bras use. 

The polka dots give these togs a classy look, all while distracting from any lumps and bumps you may be self concious of in swimwear.

The bottoms are black and sit a little higher to allow for a growing pregnancy bump, or tuck away the post baby lower tum. They also have a string on the side so you can gather them up for a higher leg cut or pull them straight to get a little more covereage.

These are simply the best maternity AND breastfeeding togs you will find!





Black polka dot top and black pants




Machine wash

Access Type

Clips - like nursing bras



Suitable for

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Breast size

Will go large


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